Institutional Brand Invigoration

Strengthening the resonance of your institution’s brand to attract and inspire your core constituents, including alumni and prospective students.

    • Value proposition: Harness institutional strengths to better align with prospective student and constituent needs and expectations, 
    • Reputation: Leveraging institutional strengths and assets to create greater reputational potency vis-à-vis competitors
    • Awareness: Creating efficient, effective, multichannel brand awareness campaigns


How it works: Following a 360-degree brand discovery and evaluation process in which we gather intelligence from internal and external audiences, we create a strategy for accentuating strengths and overcoming deficits to create a more competitive, memorable institutional brand. For any associated creative development and program execution, either your team, Mach10 or a combination of the two can create updated brand standards, develop required creative assets and publish across digital, print and human channels.


Who would benefit from this? Organizations who recognize the increasing competition for the same students and need to respond to the “new normal” in higher education.