Donor Stewardship Program

Creating a strategic and tactical plan that uses practical behavioral segmentation, affinities and relevant demographic attributes. 

    • Creating mutually exclusive behavioral segments (e.g., leadership, semi-loyal, won-back)
    • Analyzing the economics of each segment
    • Informing segment treatments with affinity and demographic information
    • Defining the specific goals, strategies and actions for each segment
    • Creating an “empowerment” plan for donor-advocates that extends development and engagement activities beyond the core in-house team
    • Developing content across relevant channels for program execution


How it works: Following a 360-degree discovery process in which we gather intelligence from internal and external audiences, we use behavioral segmentation as the foundation of the Donor Stewardship Program. The way to surprise and delight donors and demonstrate reciprocal altruism will vary by each donor’s historical experience with the school, their affinities and their lifestage. Your specific goals for each will also vary. For this reason, we generally create mutually exclusive segments and treatments that enable you to enhance your overall success in retaining, upgrading and driving more loyalty overall. For program execution, either your team, Mach10 or a combination of the two can create the required creative assets and publish across relevant channels.


Who would benefit from this? Organizations that struggle to inspire greater year-over-year loyalty and retention from donors. Organizations interested in increasing the average donation amount and migrating more donors to major donor status.