The creation of Mach10 Marketing in 2013 formalized our partnership. For the next six years, we developed transformative marketing for AXA, BNY Mellon, TIAA, Harvard Business Review, Sun Life Financial International, Voya and SBLI. We created new brand platforms, upgraded consumer analytics, developed brand awareness campaigns, introduced enterprise-wide customer feedback loops, enhanced lead generation and nurture program performance, revamped digital assets and designed tools to accelerate intermediary channel sales.

We were successful. But we weren’t happy. After our 25+ year journey as marketers, we found ourselves increasingly yearning for challenges with a higher purpose. We asked ourselves if there was something more important than working with companies to win market-share and maximize quarterly earnings. We challenged ourselves to explore more meaningful ways our honed skills and accumulated knowledge could truly make a difference in people’s lives.

With incontrovertible evidence that education is critically linked to the health, happiness and prosperity outcomes of individuals, Mach10 Marketing is now focused on helping educational institutions thrive in the face of declining government support, diminishing student populations, pressures to diversify their student body and increases in the cost of preparing students for the job market. As part of their long-term strategic plans, we believe many educational institutions will benefit from reassessing and improving upon how effectively they engage with their students, alumni and student-families, while fostering greater attitudinal and behavioral loyalty.

Today, Mach10 Marketing is dedicated to the idea that alumni and student-families have more to give to their alma maters—and alma maters have greater value to offer their students and graduates. We help make this idea a reality for non-profit colleges, universities and independent schools. We objectively answer important questions about the institution’s constituents, create compelling, credible brand foundations and execute alumni and parent activities that strengthen long-term relationships, lead to greater loyalty and produce tangible results.